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Learn about who established this

Our advocacy service is new, established in 2024. It is owned by Connection and Navigation Service Limited. We aim to improve access to justice for injured people.

About Connection and Navigation Service Ltd

This company was established in 2019 as the ACC Navigation Service Limited. In 2023, it changed its name to Connection and Navigation Service Limited. This company and its services have been developed to help overcome barriers to people using resolution processes in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We know that many people in our communities find it hard to get what they need and often don't feel confident to make a complaint, lodge an application for dispute resolution services, or enter the right part of the justice system.

We have created this new organisation to develop services that support the resolution of disputes by connecting people to the right place and helping them navigate this system. We will not do this alone but will do this with our partners and in the wider sector and community.

About Warren Forster

This service has been established by Warren Forster. Warren is a barrister and researcher but he does not act as a lawyer representing people in this advocacy service. Warren is based in New Zealand and has significant expertise in personal injury law, disability law, and dispute resolution. He has nearly 20 years of experience in these fields and is recognised for his work in transforming experiences in dispute resolution. Warren has actively engaged in research, contributing to the understanding and development of New Zealand's personal injury system.

Warren's work has been focused on leading and supporting systemic approaches to dispute resolution, particularly in the context of the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) system in New Zealand. He co-founded "Talk-Meet-Resolve," a dispute resolution service that aims to revolutionise how ACC disputes are handled. This service is known for its agreement-based process and aims to resolve issues swiftly, often within a few weeks, a significant improvement compared to the lengthy durations usually associated with litigation in these matters.

His approach to dispute resolution is driven by a passion for access to justice and an interest in doing things differently to achieve better outcomes. He has been involved in numerous cases, reviews, and inquiries. He is known for providing innovative and effective dispute-resolution services.

Warren's expertise and innovative approaches in the field of dispute resolution and ACC law have made him a notable figure in New Zealand's legal landscape.