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How ACC staff can engage with our service

ACC can learn about our services and how to engage with us here. You can contact us to talk about how we can help with your clients.

Collaboration across the ACC Sector

We aim to be as collaborative as possible with stakeholders across the sector.

We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss any concerns you may have as we work together towards improving the resolution capacity and capability system-wide.

Contact and connecting stage

First things first – before we start doing anything we talk to people about the options that are available to them. We call this service "Pathways to Resolution".

Contact and connecting: When we are contacted by a client, we have a discussion with them about the pathways to resolution. This service aims to empower people to make choices about how they would like to resolve their disputes.

If the person hasn't yet engaged with you, then we may connect them to ACC's processes or with a navigation service.

We will need your help (and the help of the sector) to make sure we can connect the right people together to help with early resolution. This will also allow us to understand how this system works.

Application to use our Advocacy Assistance Service: This is where someone formally applies to us to lodge a review application and advocate on their behalf.

If there has been a decision made or a delay in processing a claim for entitlements, then we will talk to the person about their option to use our advocacy assistance service. We may then lodge a review application and suggest we use conciliation to resolve the dispute.

Connecting with an advocate to discuss a client's case: If you would like to talk to an advocate about a client's case, you can contact us at 0800 222 022 or send an email to us at and we will contact you.

We will do our best to be specific on the review application setting out the issues, the options for resolution, and the information we consider necessary to resolve the dispute. We aim to provide a timely service with the minimum required information from ACC.

Feedback and system improvement: We consider that ACC staff are key stakeholders in our service. We would like to hear from you about your experiences and any feedback on things we can do to improve this service and make it easier for ACC staff to interact with us in a timely professional manner. You can provide feedback to us at