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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know

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  • What is the quickest way to resolve a dispute with ACC?

    Resolving disputes with ACC varies in time depending of which resolution process you use. Conciliation is the fastest method, potentially resolving disputes in 10 days. The review process takes an average of about 200 days to get a review decision, while court proceedings often extend over a year

  • How do I resolve an ACC issue quickly?

    To quickly address an ACC issue, lodge a review application to challenge their decision. Expedite the process through conciliation, which allows for an independent meeting with ACC to reach an agreement. This can sometimes be achieved in less than 10 days.

  • What is the ACC review process?

    This is the process set out in the Accident Compensation Act 2001 for a "Review" of ACC's decision. The Review process begins with you contacting an ACC advocacy service. These services can talk to you and lodge the review with ACC for you. They can then prepare your case for dispute resolution. You have the choice to request conciliation, which often resolves the issue. If unresolved, the case advances to a review hearing

  • How do I get an ACC decision reviewed?

    For an ACC decision review, first there needs to be a review application submitted. An ACC advocacy service can help with this. The review process takes more than 200 days from application to decision. You can speed up the process with conciliation, potentially resolving disputes in less than 20 days.

  • How long does the ACC review process take?

    The ACC review process generally takes over 200 days. To hasten this, engage in conciliation to reach an agreement with ACC, which can take less than 20 days.

  • Who can help with ACC issues?

    If you find dealing with ACC challenging, contact us for a free, confidential discussion about resolution pathways. We'll guide you through options like navigation services, advocacy services, and the processes of conciliation and review, helping you choose your preferred pathway

  • How do I resolve an issue with ACC?

    For ACC issues, contact our Advocacy Service for a free discussion about available resolution pathways, including conciliation, review processes, or other services to assist in resolving the dispute.

  • What choices do I have about my ACC dispute?

    Under ACC's policy, you have the right to choose how your dispute is resolved. You can do this using conciliation, a consensus-based dispute resolution process that takes about three weeks. You can also follow the formal review process which takes an average of 29 weeks.