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Support Available

Get the support you need during resolution

Here is some of the support that might be available.

Your support person

We encourage you to bring your own support person. If you decide to use the Talk – Meet – Resolve service, your support person will need to agree and sign the Agreement to use Talk – Meet – Resolve.

A support person is different to a representative.

What other support is available

Contact us so we can talk about what support is available for you to use our dispute resolution services.

Below are some examples of how we can help link you with others who can provide support that will help you. 

Peer support

We are currently developing a peer support service which we will pilot later in 2024. Further information on peer support will be provided in mid 2024.

Cultural Support

Further information on cultural support will be provided in mid 2024.

Accessibility Support

Further information on accessibility support will be provided in mid 2024.

Technical Support

Please contact us if you would like techinical support to attend a teams meeting.