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Meeting the Advocate

You will meet with your advocate and discuss your case

Once you have had your Pathways to Resolution discussion, you can book your advocacy meeting. This is the central part of our advocacy service. We provide a safe environment for you to be heard and for us to understand your situation. We will talk to you about your injury, the ACC process and identify possible outcomes.

Understanding what you have experienced

When we meet, the first thing we do is introduce each other. We then explain the advocacy process we use. Then we give you the chance to explain what has happened with the ACC process and to share your wider stories. This normally gets the discussion started as well as starting to share information. While you are sharing your story, we will write down confidential notes so that they can refer back to them during the conciliation meeting.

Helping you solve the problem and give you information

All of our team are independent experts in the ACC system and collectively have been involved in resolving tens of thousands of disputes. Because of this experience, we can explain the law, talk about your case and the evidence. We can also help identify options to solve the problems.

Identifying what might happen if the dispute was formally litigated

Because of our experience, people sometimes ask what might happen if the case went into the formal litigation process.

How long does the meeting last

Your first meeting with the advocate often lasts between 30 minutes and an hour.

More information on the meeting stage

You can learn more about the meeting stage and how you might prepare for the meeting when you use the Pathways to Resolution Service.

You can get started now with Pathways to Resolution