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The Pathways Process

The process from start to finish

Here you will find out about what will happen from when you first contact us through to the resolution of your dispute. This is a step by step guide to what to expect.

The process from start to finish

The Pathways to Resolution discussion is where we talk about your situation and the options available. You will need to agree with the Terms of using Pathways to Resolution before we begin this discussion.

We know that talking to someone about the situation needs to be the first step so the aim of this process is to get you to the right person as soon as possible. Sometimes this can be done in the first phone call, but sometimes we may need to book a phone call or an online meeting a few days later.

You can contact us first to talk to our team to see if this is right for you or if you can tell us you'd like to use pathways and we will can get in touch.

Once you have spoken to one of our team, you can then decide whether you wish to use our advocacy assistance.