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Terms of Use

The terms of using Pathways to Resolution

Pathways to Resolution is a free service

Pathways to Resolution is a free service. It is designed to help you understand the available Pathways and make an informed decision about the best Pathway for your needs.


We will maintain the confidentiality of your information, with the following exceptions: if we have reason to believe that any person is in danger of harm, if we need to obtain privileged legal advice, or if disclosure is required by a court order or by law.

No recording

We agree that neither of us will make or permit any other person to make any audio-visual recording of the Pathways to Resolution process.

Conflict of Interest

If a conflict of interest arises during our Pathways discussion, we will notify you immediately.

Use of information

We will comply with relevant privacy and confidentiality requirements. We collect, hold, and use information about pathways through dispute resolution processes and outcomes. This is to support transparency, accountability, system improvement, and to fulfil the requirements of the Government Centre for Dispute Resolution Standards.

No legal action will be taken in relation to Pathways to Resolution Process

You agree not to take any legal action related to the Pathways to Resolution process. If you initiate legal action against us regarding the Pathways to Resolution process, you will be responsible for our legal costs.

Not legal advice

You understand and acknowledge that the Pathways to Resolution discussion does not provide you with legal advice.